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Spray Tans

Did you know that you can achieve a great tan without the harmful UV rays of the sun?

Spray tanning is the healthy alternative to sunbathing. It can give you this natural bronze look without the risks of skin cancer. Here at North Lakes Waxing and Beauty, we offer spray tanning that will complement every skin type and colour. For only $30, you can pull off a sun-kissed look all year round. To get a full list of our services and pricing, click here.

Tips for a Spray Tan that Lasts

Exfoliation is the key.

We recommend that you exfoliate thoroughly at least 12 hours before you undergo a spray tanning treatment. This will not only get rid of the dead skin cells, but will also ensure an even tan. If you haven’t had a spray tan before, iis also important to exfoliate to remove the tan evenly. I recommend to start exfoliating from day 4 or 5 after the tan. This ensures even removal without the tan chipping away.

To do before a tan (for best results) 

  • wash and exfoliate skin 
  • leave skin fresh ( no deodorant or moisturisers) 
  • no waxing 24hrs prior 
  • bring loose dark clothing  

To do after tan 

  • wear loose clothing for processing 
  • Let process the recommended time (to be advised between 2-6hrs) & Keep tan DRY! 
  • After processing time wash off lightly in shower, keep tan hydrated with a good moisturiser 2X daily.  
  • Start exfoliating lightly on day 6-7 for gradual removal without nasty chipping. Exfoliate 2-3 x a week with gloves. 

Why Choose Us

North Lakes spray tans is one of the best there is in the area. The process starts with the consultation with our technician so that you can determine the perfect tan for you and your skin. Then the tanning solution will be gently sprayed to your body in definite proportions to ensure a flawless tan.

One of the reasons why North Lakes Waxing & Beauty’s spray tans is so popular in the area is because of our unmatched customer service. We make sure that each client is pampered, comfortable, and most importantly, will get their money’s worth. Call us at 0401331914 or book online.

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