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Waxing North Lakes

Shaving is the go-to treatment of most women and men for their unsightly facial and body hair. But the problem with shaving is that it is only a quick fix. If you are looking for long-term solution to your pesky body hair, we suggest that you get it waxed. 

North Lakes Waxing and Beauty Salon’s developed techniques ensures your waxing will be as painless as possible. We use non-irritating and premium waxing products that will gently remove the unwanted hair.  

Why Should You Get it Waxed?

Waxing is a better hair removal treatment than shaving, and works best for both men and women. The wax extracts the hair from the roots, which is why the hair grows gradually rather than in shaving. In some cases depending on the treatment, the hair does not re-grow.

Waxing also has a positive effect on skin, unlike other forms of hair removal, such as creams razors which can cut, chemically burn, or irritate the skin. Waxing rejuvenates the skin by process of manual exfoliation. Thus your skin is left hair free and exfoliated. 

With regular waxing the new hair that reappears is finer and sparser, and long-term you will achieve diminished hair growth, some might even experience complete cession of hair growth. 

North Lakes Waxing and Beauty offers an array of waxing treatments from top to toe. Our female and male body/facial waxing & packages start at just $10. To get a full list of our services and pricing, click here 


Brazilians are our specialty, and one of the most popular women’s waxes we do. Here at NLW&B we have waxed thousands Brazilians, yes that’s right, Thousands!….so ladies don’t be shy, we know what we are doing! Your Brazilian won’t take an hour like other places, here we have developed a technique that reduces the pain and the time. Yes that’s right just 15-20 mins is all we need.   


Please don’t shave or trim before the wax, the hair needs to be at least 4mm. 


Your eyebrows frame your face. Therefore, it is a must that you up your brow game. Lucky for you, there are various ways on how you can achieve those fully defined brows.   

Aside from waxing your eyebrows, brow tinting is another option on how you can enhance the features of your eyebrows. Here at North Lakes Waxing & Beauty Salon, we offer the best eyelash and eyebrow tinting that your $15 can buy.

Why Tint? 

Tinting is a colour service where your brows or lashes are dyed to augment its pigment and thickness, without removing the hair. As a result, it adds volume to your arches and gives an edge to your look.  

Oh! And didn’t we say that nothing sets off your brows like a lash tint? 

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